We are crazy about craft beers!

not so crazy about flat beers...

We love craft beers and we want to have it anywhere and anytime! KROWLER started from this desire to have great beers anywhere and the lack of a proper way to transport precious brews satisfactorily. With many great breweries popping up in Singapore and South East Asia, we were often faced with the problem of wanting to take home a really great brew to savour slowly before it runs out at our local tap room.  We’ve tried Growlers, Howlers, Crowlers and Bottles but we always faced the same problem – beers had to be finished in one sitting or they go bad, really fast.

Through months of research and design development, we are proud to present KROWLER – a miniaturised keg system that keeps beers cold, fresh and carbonated wherever and whenever you want. With KROWLER, we hope that the craft beer community and culture would continue to grow locally and regionally, spreading good vibes through great tasting beers!


♡ The KROWLER Team